ASTROLOGY.COM set of images for product promotions in Pinterest. Same motive was used for e-mail, FaceBook, banners, etc. This postcard promotions was done for more than 40 products.

Click on the image to pop up a full size 600x800 pixels.


Pinterest SexScopes

Two sets of 12 images, one for each astrological sign, to promote the Love Horoscopes in Pinterest and Face Book with quotes by Stefanie Waiss and Chani Nicolas.

Click on the icons:



Products and offers for ASTROLOGY.COM and Time Cycles Reasearch e-mail campains.

The thumbnail at the left is a sample of the e-mail.

Click on the image to pop up a full size 600x800 pixels.


Promotional Icons

Set of three images for ASTROLOGY.COM to promote daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope products. Here is a small sample for the 60 titles I did.

The original images are:

  • 600x800 pixels for Pinterest
  • 636x477 pixels for the ASTROLOGY.COM articles
  • 180x180 pixels circular for e-mails and in-site promotions

The two imagers at the right have a bigger view that you can click. The set of three images below are resized to fit this sample page and to don't load the page with too many hi-ress images.