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Lapera Art

Fine Art

Jesús Lapera is a Dreamer, Artisan and Artist based in Miami who is dedicated to kinetic art, painting on canvas, sculptures and restoration of works of art.

Visit the site: laperaart.com

Visit the Mobile version typing laperaart.com
on your SmartPhone.

Star Guidance

Astrology software persoanl readings.

More than 64 personal readings in 6 languages, 9 ArtWheel astrological charts, and free Chart Wheels.

Visit the site: www.StarGuidance.com

Visit the Mobile version typing www.starguidance.com on your SmartPhone.

Matrix Software

Astrology software website.

49 programs in three categories: Professional, Personal, Reports. Also this site have 45 Personal readings, articles, etc.

Visit the site: AstrologySoftware.com

Medical Astrology

Health Consultation

Debra Rozek is a Medical Astrologer, her specialty is helping people choose the best date and time for an operation. That’s called a Surgical Election.

Visit the site: debkayeastrologer.com

Cosmic Patterns

Astrology software website.

3 astrological calculation programs and 76 personal readings in groups.

Visit the site: AstroSoftware.com


37 Astrological Reading Templates

Templates for the ASTROLOGY.com reading service.
I did the layout, images, HTML, and CSS for the programers to do the back-code then I correct the CSS depending on the need of each particular reading. Are two versions for each reading, a full report and a short free sample. In the eCommer section you can find the promo images for all the readings.

NOTE: The company was sold and the readings are not availables anymore in the ASTROLOGY.COM site.

Visit the site: Reports Templates


To have fun with astrology.

AstrologyLand is a site to have found around, with free interpretations, natal charts, personal astrological readings, astrology charts, oracles, and much more.

The Oracle section have the ten most popular divination Oracles, Astrology Reading, Compatibility Reading, I-Ching, Numerology, Tarot, Fortune Cookie, Words of fortune, and more. Visit the Oracles.

The Personal Reading section have Matrix 27 most popular personal astrological readings. Visit the site.

Visit the site: www.AstrologyLand.com

Martin Machnowski

My old WebSite.

My old website was done in Flash several years ago when Flash was the tool to do fancy banners, menus, effects, animatios, etc. Menus on each section are done in a different style to show different menu styles.

Visit the site: www.machnowski.net/martin2/

Charlene Garber Photography

Professional Photography Services.

Professional photographer base in South Africa. The site code was done by Johan Kruger in DotNet and have a Content Management Section.

Visit the site: www.indecotec.net

37 North

Outdoor sporting goods and clothing.

Proposal for the new site for 37 North. Work in progress.

Visit the site: the37north.com

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